It is a long road ahead

We have come from a history of slavery and discrimination. As a planet we have thrived on the pain and misery of others, from ancient Rome with their gladiator fights to the cotton farms of America where people were held captive their entire lives. We came from a horrible society where a special few flourished from the pain of those not as well of as them. Our history is one of exploitation but we are slowly becoming more sympathetic to other people’s problems and are becoming more accepting of other nations. We still live in a world where racism is rampant, eventually we will no longer discriminate and benefit from other people’s suffering however that day will not come in our lifetime but rather in future generations who will hopefully be wiser than we ever were.

In depth post 4

I have been having a lot of trouble lately meeting with my mentor due to problems with processing her criminal record check. It seems that the first time she sent in the form it got lost or something was not the way that the people that process the forms wanted it to be so she now has to go through all the trouble of writing a new form.

In other news I am doing well with my novel and have finished around one chapter of my book. I was given some great advice from Karolina on how to make the love interest for my book more unique since he was starting to turn out like the generic straight, white hero. Instead of following the stereotype we came up with the idea that he will have Ptsd from fighting in world war two and will be from a mixed race family which is why the upper class won’t accept him.

Apart from that there really isn’t much to tell except that I have been toying with an idea on how to make the main villain extremely unlikable. The Gargoyle in my story isn’t the real monster at all. I don’t feel comfortable disclosing what I have done because it is very controversial and I am afraid that if I post it, one it will ruin the surprise, and two I might get feedback from some people that would discourage me. When my mentors checks are done I will ask her about the idea to see if it is appropriate for the book.

I think that I have made a lot of progress this week and expect to have at least another chapter done by the time the next blog post is due.

I don’t want to indulge too much about what I am writing but if any of you decide to read my boo I can promise you that you will hate antagonist almost as much as you hate Lori (walking dead reference).

In depth project post

I have begun writing my book and have written around three pages which is around half a chapter of my book. I have planned out the entire book including the ending, who is going to die, and the love situation in the book. My mentor has submitted the legal forms that will allow her to to meet with me but I haven’t been able to meet with her because my family and I have been packing for a trip to Sun Peaks which I am at now until Monday. I am going to continue writing and now that I have gotten past the beginning which is the hardest part for me I predict that the rest of the book will come easily. I have submitted my plot line to my mentor and am waiting for a response so I know if there is anything that I could change to make the story more interesting.

My story will begin by introducing the main characters who will be Marie, Joseph, and Acel. Marie will be the main protagonist and will be the one who the story is mainly focused on. Joseph is the the love interest of Marie but is extremely poor and is not considered a high enough social class by her parents to be around her and Acel is the person who Marie’s parents wants her to marry because of his money and connections with politicians; However he is not perfect, he is a violent drunk who abuses Marie but never is caught of anything. I think that these characters are interesting people and will be introduced in the first scene in which Acel and Marie is having dinner with their parents. After a while Marie will excuse herself and Acel will follow her. After they are out of sight Acel backs her up against the wall and begins to try to abuse and violate her. Which is where Joseph comes in by throwing a rock through the window which hits Acel in the back of the head drawing blood. Afterwich Acel will run away screaming and falling over while Marie and Joseph run away into the night.

This seems like a thrilling introduction to the characters and their personalities and I think it is a relatively interesting way to introduce the love situation between Marie, Joseph,and Acel.

I have planned out the rest of the book but I haven’t written it yet.

They will all hear the screaming of the air raid sirens and all rush to the nearby church which had survived the first world war with minimal damage.  They will all escape into the church before the bombings start and will barricade the doors so nothing can come in or out. They will all begin settling down for the night Acel with his family and Joseph and Marie in a secluded corner of the church. This is where the monster will come in and all romance will come to a stop.

This is all I want to disclose at the moment but I feel that I have made a lot of progress in this last week especially.