NDP Social Affordability and Fairness

Throughout this section of socials I think I have presented myself as extremely pro NDP and this blog post will detail one of the reasons why. The narrative that I think is the most important to me is social affordability and fairness. The idea of fairness and affordability is the narrative on which the party was created and still clings to today. It has instituted mandatory healthcare for Canadians and believes that having affordable childcare will mean a better economy because it means more women will get to work instead of taking care of children.

“I found a speech transcript on the NDP website that i think embodies the views of the party

This past week, I also met a social worker in Edmonton, who helps people facing much tougher circumstances.

These are families, not just living paycheque-to-paycheque, but really just scraping by.

When these families are hit by a financial emergency…

And this can be something as simple as replacing a broken pair of eyeglasses…

They have no place to turn.

So they wind up taking out a payday loan.

But these are families living paycheque-to-paycheque.

So, now they’re stuck going back every two weeks to take out another loan, because they’re using this week’s paycheque to pay off the last one.

We have laws in Canada that ban interest rates above 42%, but with fees and service charges, payday lenders can charge these families up to 1,000%.

How can a family stuck in a cycle of poverty like that get a fair break?

These interest rates are unethical.

Some are downright criminal.

And we need to put an end to them

From Surrey to St. John’s, Canadian families are struggling and they’re counting on us.

They’re counting on us to make life more affordable for their families.

To help them save and invest for their retirement.

And to create high-paying, middle-class jobs in every sector, in every region.

You see, in Mr. Harper’s Canada, the well-connected get ahead while everyone else falls behind.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I grew up in a family of ten kids.

As you can imagine, we didn’t have much money to spare.

I got my first job delivering the paper when I was ten-years-old.

But even though my family wasn’t rich.

My brothers and sisters and I were fortunate to grow up in a time and a place of incredible opportunity.

I was able to go to school and get two degrees without being saddled with a mountain of student debt.

And that meant when Catherine and I got married, we could afford to buy a house and start our own family.

We knew that if we worked hard and played by the rules, we’d always be able to make ends meet.

That gave Catherine and I the freedom to dedicate our lives to public service — a path our sons Matt and Greg have chosen as well.

We work every single day so that our children and grandchildren — so that everyone’s children and grandchildren — can have the same opportunities we had.

Because we know that when we work together, we lift each other up.

That’s why we do what we do.

Because in the NDP, we know whose side we’re on.

As Jack used to say, New Democrats are here to make Parliament work.

And we’re ready to get to work for Canadian families.

We’re ready to work with anyone who wants to build a stronger, more united Canada.

New Democrats aren’t afraid of working with others.

We’ve proven that in the past.

In the next election, we’re going to work to unite progressives of every political stripe behind the NDP banner.

We’re going to unite progressives.

We’re going to unite Canadians.

And together we will build a Canada that’s fairer, greener and more prosperous for everybody.”


(Thomas Mulcair)

This speech is about how the New democratic party views the ways that our society works unfair and how the poor and middle class are mistreated and abused by the government. they want to make life affordable for people so that they don’t have to rely on business to bail them out if they can’t afford expenses. They are planning to do this by raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars and hour which  will help low income families become more stable and they are going to institute a government wide cap on childcare which will be 15 dollars for a day meaning that a two parent household on each earning minimum wage will be able to put their child in a nursery and still make enough money to cover their expenses.

The second narrative that I thought the NDP covered well was the idea of social fairness, the idea that no just one group of people is better off than the rest of the country. I found another speech on the NDP’s website  but because it is even longer than the first I will just leave the link here.  This speech has a strong environmental component but the underlying message is how the government right now allows the big companies to get away with what they want while charging the smaller businesses and families more. Under the NDPs governmental authority those big companies will be subjected to the same rules as all the other businesses and the extra tax they will impose on the companies and top percentage of the population will go towards making life affordable for the average person.

After all of the research I have done I remain adamant that the NDP is the best thing for this country. They are focused and determined to give the little people the life they deserve while making sure that the massive conglomerates pay for the rules they are breaking. People may use arguments like they haven’t been in power before and where are they going to get the money from. If you want to use the first argument then we would never have a change in government because only one person would have the experience in office, as for the second argument if you read a single thing on the NDPs website then you would know that they plan to get the money by taxing the rich more and raising large business taxes by 2 percent. They are the way forward and should not be kept down by closed minded conservatives and their allies who surprisingly are the very people the NDP want to tax.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you can now see that the NDP are a party that wants the best for the working and lower class.