En la Cocina


Well here we go again. In depth has started off again and already I am in a much better situation than last year. I have a mentor, I am extremely excited to start, I have actually got an plan as to how I will become better.

For my in depth project I have decided to develop my cooking skills while studying what I love. So far in the project I haven’t done much in the way of research but I have found a mentor that is more than willing to help teach me for the length of the process. This is already a step up from last year since I didn’t end up getting a mentor for the project.

I would have to say that so far my biggest struggle has been trying to schedule a meeting with my mentor. I sent him a few emails last week but when he didn’t reply I decided to try and meet with him after school. However he wasn’t there so I emailed him again and got a great response, we arranged a meeting at Friday during lunch. I arrived at the cafeteria and pushed through the swarm of people trying to buy food. Seeing that Mr. Arciaga was busy working at the register I decided to wait until the crowd died down. Once we started talking he was completely open to the idea of mentoring me and said he was happy to help. He is a great man and I am truly excited to work with a fellow rugby player.


My mentor is Robert Arciaga. I met him on New Years eve at a party hosted by a friend of the family. We started talking about Gleneagle and connected over our history with the sport rugby. Near the end of the party I tried some of the food that he prepared and was blown away. Once we got back to school and in depth was mentioned I immediately thought of him as my mentor due to the short connection I had with him. I do feel that I chose the easy option by asking someone I know to be my mentor, although he is the most qualified person I can think of (having taught for 7 years) part of the reason I chose him was because it wouldn’t require me trying to contact a random stranger and hope that I don’t get rejected.


I am going to be making and studying Spanish and Latin cuisine. I chose this because I have been doing Spanish online and it has sparked a passion for the hispanic culture. I also need to increase my cooking skills and after in depth is over I hope to be able to fully appreciate the importance of the food I will be making in the countries culture.


Robert and I agreed that I will make a new dish every week and at the end of the week, or a pre selected tape I will show him a video of my process of making the meal. He will analyze the video and meet with me to give me feedback on what techniques I could improve on. Although we did not discuss this I would like to have him taste some of my dishes to make sure they are up to a decent standard. Over the course of the project I hope to perfect three courses with his help.


I will be working out of my own home kitchen and bringing the tapes of myself and the samples that I create to him so that I can receive adequate feedback. In the beginning I anticipate it will take some time for me to make any progress, due to my complete and utter lack of cooking skills. However once I am in the comfort of my own home and have had a few test runs I think that I will be able to get the hang out cooking in no time.


I do have an ulterior motive other than developing my cooking skills, as mentioned before I am taking spanish online and as part of the criteria I have to create two cultural projects, I hope to use this assignment as one of those products and effectively kill two birds with one stone.

I am extremely excited to start cooking and will start looking up recipes to cook as soon as I can. It will be nice to take pride in creating something my entire family can enjoy. Until then Adios and have a good day.

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  1. I am so glad you have a mentor this year. He will be an amazing guide along the way. You can always find a secondary mentor whom you do not know yet. Great idea to tape yourself cooking and getting feedback on, for example, your knife skills!

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