In depth post number 6

These last few weeks it has been hard to work on in depth what with balancing my rugby schedule around school. Luckily though my foods class and my cook nights have given me a chance to keep practicing my knife and preparation skills. So far into this project I have deviated slightly from my original plan and have started to cook all different types of cuisines from Spanish to Canadian First Nations. I shortened list of what I have made is as follows, seafood paella, mushroom ragu, mushroom rissoto, Tarte de Santiago, mousaka, Pork Tenderloin, Potato Scallops, Bannock, Tortellini, ¬†gourmet macaroni and cheese, and wrapped scallops. A lot of these aren’t Spanish recipes but I do feel like that by making these I have developed my cooking skills which will help me when I attempt to make my Spanish recipes again. During the past few weeks I have had a meeting with my mentor where we talked about my plan for my learning centre and tried to plan future meetings that work around both of our schedules. In our brief meeting we discussed my plan for my learning centre as well as how we would get around the problem of having my meals hot for the night. After talking for a while we decided that I would have giant pots of my food and hand out little tasting plates to the visitors so that everyone gets at least some of my food. The way that I will have it set up is that I will have one menu written in english explaining the dishes and one menu in Spanish since that is the traditional language of where the dishes come from. In typical Spanish style I will be dishing out the food in the form of Tapas which are small tasting dishes that are often served in bars and restaurants. Each person will get a small piece of each course and then afterwards either ask questions or move around and look at other stations while eating my food. To make sure that everything is cooked well and is kept hot my mentor and I will be meeting briefly after school to cook/prepare the seafood, reheat the rest of my food, and keep it hot until the night starts. We will also meet a few times before the night so he can give me a few more pointers as to how I should be plating the food and how to make it visually pleasing. What I want to do with my set-up is use one of the long tables for my menus and pots of food and then have a few small tables or have some room ¬†on the other side of the table for people to sit and enjoy the food. This would require me taking up at least one table in the centre of the room or one of the long tables near the side of the room. That is my overall plan for the night but it might be subjected to change depending on how it looks once I construct it at home in the next couple of days. I will be meeting with my mentor later next week to go over final preparations and to see if there is anything I could change that would make the night run smoother for me. On Sunday I will be getting a lot more practice in because I will be teaching Dakota how to make Tarte de Santiago in a muffin form for our foods class. This will give me a chance to see if I actually know the steps and procedure well enough to show someone how to create the recipe. Hopefully it will be fun and we will both enjoy the experiance of cooking a traditional spanish meal as a team.

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