Two months ago my head was sent flying into a crowd of screaming men and women in the name of justice and glorious progress. Now it is plain to me that I was a scapegoat, a puppet used to distract the public from the “new governments” shortfalls and failures. This new republican government is failing in all of the same aspects that led to my downfall and inevitable execution at the hands of the Jacobins. Grain is still to overpriced for the common people to afford, the government is unstable and is in a push and pull situation between the girondians and the Jacobins, and the streets are still an unsafe place to be due to the excess crime being committed by the scum of Paris. ┬áMy death was supposed to start a new era of peace and progress for our great nation but it only worked as a way for greedy men to grasp power from the massive hole that I left. Robspierre and his dammed Jacobins called for my head and the public eagerly rushed to his side, thinking only of finally removing me from power and not about this foolish leaders ulterior motives. I swear that that man is going to cause more damage to this country than I ever could have. I remained loyal to a country that wanted me dead to the point where I made my final words, (I pray that my blood may be of use in restoring peace to France.) You will never see that cowardly snake robspiere lay down his life for our great nation. My only goal going forward is to act as a guide for those that haven’t already been dragged into robspiers radical and insane ideals. My guardsmen and subjects need to try and maintain order so that our country doesn’t fall into ruin after my passing. I have heard that my wife will be joining me soon. Robspiere and his toadies plan on executing her in an attempt to execute the last great French monarch . She has done nothing wrong except leading a lavish lifestyle worthy of her position. Once again Robspiere grabs power through the execution of an innocent women, I hope that this doesn’t become a recurring theme. I hope that the people will see what the republic is becoming and will be able to stop it before it sends our country spiraling down into ruin. I will be known as the king that led his country go to ruin, I will be known as the man who let thousands starve, I will be known as a traitor to the people, and I will be known as a tyrant. What the history books will leave out however is that I tried to help the people, I listened to their pleas, I stayed in my country when I should’ve fled, and I gave my life for a country that will only remember me as a tyrant. I hope that my beloved France will survive this ordeal and come out hardened by the times they have been through.

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